Alaniz Presentation | 2023 National Cyber Summit
2023 National Cyber Summit

Andrew Alaniz, Manager, Security Architecture, BBVA Compass

Assumed Breach Model - A Practical Approach

What is assumed breach and why is it important? In this presentation, I will walk the audience through what this means and how it should define how both security and IT should architect their systems. When we assume certain trust levels of different systems it not only allows us to better define controls and detection mechanisms, but it also allows us to respond to incidents more swiftly. Today's perimeter is no longer a border firewall, its every person's cell phone, home router, tablet and refrigerator, each one with varying degrees of risk.

Speaker Bio

Andrew Alaniz

Andrew Alaniz is currently the Manager of Security Architecture for BBVA Compass. In this role he is responsible for managing the security architecture team which is tasked with assessing, designing, developing and reviewing security technologies for both cloud and local infrastructures.

He began his career managing the IT infrastructure for various clients in numerous industries. As he shifted his focus into security he was able to bring a deeply technical background in IT to help understand the operational implications of security controls and requirements. He has been able to use that knowledge as both a consultant and an internal resource to design, architect and manage security for numerous enterprise networks.