Banks Presentation | 2023 National Cyber Summit
2023 National Cyber Summit

Michael Banks, Information Security Consultant

Michael Banks, with Rendition InfoSec, LLC, talks to InfoSecSync about open source APIs using Drop Box and Google Drive. Banks stated “people are now using API’s directly and it will send files for me directly.” Businesses use Open APIs to leverage the ever growing community of freelancing developers. The traffic is encrypted and the only way you can defend it is being “man in the middle” of your own information.

Speaker Bio

Michael Banks

Michael is a practicing cybersecurity professional. He currently is employed as an Information Security Consultant at Rendition InfoSec, a consulting firm that provides a wide range of security services to organizations of all sizes, from managed security services to digital forensics and incident response (DFIR), and even malware reverse engineering. He graduated Augusta University and achieved a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Information Systems and Technology with a minor in Military Science. While at Augusta University, Michael established the first Cyber defense Team comprised of students and went to regional of the south Eastern Collegiate Cyber D3efense competition. Michael holds various industry certifications in information security. He decided to enlist in to the enlisted States Army Reserve during collage and later commissioned as a Signal Office of the United States Armey Reserve.