2021 National Cyber Summit
During these uncertain and unprecedented times, the NCS organization has been faced with a very difficult decision regarding our 2020 Summit. For the safety and well-being of our attendees and exhibitors, as well as preserving the unprecedented networking opportunities NCS provides, we have postponed the 2020 Summit until June 8-10, 2021.
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Summit Speaker Major Bradley Eames

Session Information

How the USAF is Addressing Cyber Vulnerability Across Fielded Weapon Systems
Wednesday, June 5, 2019 2:15 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.
In the 2016 NDAA, congress mandated a cyber-vulnerability assessment against fielded DOD weapon systems. The USAF assigned the bulk of its work to the 47 Cyberspace Test Squadron. We have developed and successfully field-tested a methodology to answer 3 key questions. 1) How do you characterize cyber vulnerability when the system under test is not a traditional computer network? 2) How do you "rack and stack" criticality of potential vulnerability within programs constraints of Cost, Risk and Schedule? 3) Once an organization has its “arms” wrapped around the cyber risk proposition, how does that organization best address this risk within program constraints of Cost, Risk and Schedule?

With cyber security concerns affecting all sections of an economy, this methodology can be re-contextualize and scaled for the commercial world to help any business approach its hidden (but actual) cyber risk proposition. It can help any business “rack and stack” its cyber risk criticality and begin addressing that risk in both its IP based and non-IP based business critical systems.

This presentation will layout our approach and suggest ways it can be adjusted for the commercial world to help address cyber security risk, risk mitigation and how the acquisition cycle of new components/hardware can be adjusted to better “bake in” cyber security in for future business acquisition.
Von Braun Center - South Hall | Meeting Room 2
Jason Eames photo
Jason Eames
Test Engineer
Major Bradley Eames photo
Major Bradley Eames
47CTS OL-A Deputy Commander
47 Cyberspace Test Squadron
Major Bradley Sean Eames is the Deputy Commander, 47th Cyberspace Test Squadron, Operating Location A, Eglin AFB FL. With a team of over 40 cyber professionals, he is responsible for execution of cyber vulnerability assessments for all traditional IP based and non-IP based systems in support of developmental test for virtually every acquisitions program management office in the USAF. The 47th CTS capabilities include but are not limited to system analysis, penetration test, reverse engineering, RF spectrum expertise and cyber exploit design, test and execution. His team won the “internet of things” competition at Black Hat, 2017 and placed in the top 10 each year since. His experience covers a 16 year career in the USAF, including Crew Commander of the Network Operations and Security Center, Ramstein AFB GE. Combat Crew Commander, Minuteman III Operations, FE Warren AFB, WY. Combat Crew Commander Joint Functional Command & Control for Integrated Missile Defense Operations, Schreiver AFB, CO and Lead USAFR Cyber Security Analyst, Missile & Space Intelligence Center, Redstone Arsenal, AL. Major Eames has a Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering and a Master’s degree in Business.