Matherly Presentation | 2023 National Cyber Summit
2023 National Cyber Summit

Shodan Founder John Matherly to Speak at the National Cyber Summit for Second Year in a Row

The National Cyber Summit was glad to welcome back John Matherly, founder of Internet of Things search engine Shodan, to be a keynote speaker at the National Cyber Summit.

Shodan provides data feeds on all devices directly connected to the Internet. The information is obtained via a globally distributed, real-time network of crawlers that find devices based on the software they run. For each device, Shodan stores the software it runs (including version), operating system, hostnames, location and much more. The processed data feeds are also made accessible through a public search engine website.

Shodan can conduct bulk search and processing queries using SHODAN Diggity, Bishop Fox’s free search engine attack tool suite. The free tool provides an easy-to-use scanning interface to the popular hacking search engine via the SHODAN API. It can discover which of your devices are connected to the Internet, where they are located and who is using them.

Speaker Bio

John Matherly

John Matherly is an Internet cartographer, speaker and founder of SHODAN. Shodan is the world’s first computer search engine that allows users to find computers based on operating system, geography, and software or network range. Matherly launched the system in 2009 after what began as a hobby in 2003, when he conceived the idea of searching devices linked to the Internet. SHODAN is the world’s first search engine for Internet-connected devices. The search engine can search for webcams, refrigerators, smart TV’s, security, buildings, the web, power plants and all internet of things.