Michetti Presentation | 2023 National Cyber Summit
2023 National Cyber Summit

Vicki Michetti, Director, Defense Industrial Base Cyber Security, Department of Defense, Office of Small Business Programs

Speaker Bio

Vicki Michetti

Ms. Vicki Michetti is the Director of the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) Cyber Security (DIB CS) Program office, under the DoD Chief Information Officer. She joined the Office of the Secretary of Defense in January 2011. Ms. Michetti has experience working in industry, and over 28 years of federal service that includes 22 years as a commissioned Air Force officer. Prior to her current position, Ms. Michetti worked as an Information Systems Engineer and as a Program Analyst. Ms. Michetti also had a distinguished military career and retired from the United States Air Force in 2007. Ms. Michetti earned a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics from California State University, Sacramento, and a Master's degree in Atmospheric Science from Creighton University.