2018 National Cyber Summit
Cyber Summit Speaker Photo

Past Speakers

Speakers listed in alphabetical order.

Thad Allen - Executive Vice President, Booz Allen Hamilton | Former Commandant of the Coast Guard

Tom Bain - Vice President, Security Strategy, CounterTack

Michael Banks - Information Security Consultant, Rendition InfoSec, LLC.

LTC Tim Bloechl - USA, Retired

David Bowdich - Associate Deputy Director, FBI

Wayne Burke - CSO, Sequrit CSI

Scott Busby - Security Engineer, MAD Security

Jeremy Conway - Chief Technology Officer, MAD Security

Dr. Mitch Crosswait - Deputy Director, Operational Test and Evaluation, DoD

Chris Esquire

Rick Fernandez - Enterprise Security Engineer, LogRhythm System Integrators

Rob Ferrill - CISO, UAB Health System

Mayor Paul Finley - City of Madison

Tom Graham - Sentar, Inc.

Greg Hanis - Director of Research, MeasuredRisk

Joe Jarzombek - Global Manager, SYNOPSYS

Derek Johnson - CISO Advisor, Unisys

Vinny Lamolinara - Cybersecurity Acquisition Professor, DAU

Stan Lowe - Booz Allen Hamilton

Ryan Loy - Chief Information Officer, Adtran

John Matherly - Founder, Shodan

Mike McConnell - Former Director, National Security Agency

Jamie Miller - President, Mission Multiplier

Mr. Stephen Mills - Professor, DAU

Ken Modeste - Global Principal Engineer, Underwriters Laboratories

Mr. Dave Pearson - Engineering & IT Center Director, DAU

Chris Poulin - Booz Allen Hamilton

Dr. Rodney L. Robertson - 2017 National Cyber Summit Chair

Michael Schroeder - Security Analyst, Booz Allen Hamilton

Scott Self - Chief Information Officer, Tennessee Valley Authority

Bob Smith - Senior Vice President, Booz Allen Hamilton

Ms. Melinda Reed - Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Systems Engineering DASD(SE)

Brandon Rozario - Founder/President, Red Strategies

Kell Rozman - Sentar, Inc.

Michael Vien - Head of Cyber and Co-Founder, MeasuredRisk

Mr. Rodney Visser - Cyber Technical Director, SRC

Seth Wahle - Mission Multiplier

Mark Weatherford - Former Deputy Under Secretary for Cybersecurity, Department of Homeland Security

David Wennergren - Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, Professional Services Council

Roy Wilkinson - Principal of virtual CIO/CISO

Ron Williams - Chief Architect Threat Protection, Principal Architect X-Force Exchange, IBM

Dr. Raziq Yaqub - Associate Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Alabama A&M University

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