2018 Presentations | 2023 National Cyber Summit
2023 National Cyber Summit

2018 Presentations

Presentation Presenter
Assumed Breach Model - A Practical Approach Mr. Andrew Alaniz
Information Security as Risk Management Mr. Greg Schaffer
Reverse Engineering Cybersecurity Professionals in K12 Professor Jim Smith III
Unhackable: A Mathematical Framework for Cyber Resilience Captain John Zimmerman USN (ret)
Creating a Cyber Internship Program Within an Academic Environment Mr. Jason Hird
Professor Kasia Taylor
Professor Mary Wallingsford

National Centers of Academic Excellence in Cybersecurity (CAE-C): Adapt and Change Dr. Allen Parrish
Ms. Heather Eikenberry
Mrs. Lynne Clark

Risk Analysis for Financial Banking and Processing using Artificial Intelligence Professor Dr. Paul Wang
Dr. Wayne Summers
Talor Woods

You Mad? Binary Analysis with the Angr Framework Dr. Ben Denton
Practical Meltdown & Spectre Mr. John Bland
Mr. Jake Schneider
Mr. Daniel Colvett

Threat Gets a Vote - Applying a Threat-Based Approach to Security Testing Mr. Joe Vest
Building Trustworthy, Secure Systems for the United States Critical Infrastructure: An Urgent National Imperative Dr. Ron Ross
Keynote Speaker: Ms. Renee Wynn Ms. Renee Wynn
Cybersecurity in Advanced Manufacturing: Threats, Challenges, and Opportunities Mr. Brandon N. Robinson
NICE Challenge Mr. James Ashley
Dr. Vincent Nestler
Dr. Tony Coulson

Allocating Security Analysts to Cyber Alerts Using Markov Games Dr. Mina Guirguis
Alireza Tahsini
Noah Dunstatter

Performance Analysis of Elliptic Curves for Real-Time Video Encryption Professor Ram Dantu
Jagannadh Vempati
Dr. Mark Thompson Sr
Nilanjan Sen

The Changing Scope of Automotive Cybersecurity Mr. Hugh Martin