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Speakers were provided the option to share their presentation materials with attendees. The materials that were shared are provided below.

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If You Don't Have Free Software You Don't Have S*IT

Jon "maddog" Hall
Board Chair, Linux Professional Institute
Co-Founder and Chief Adviser for the Caninos Loucos Project
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Keynote Presentation by Merritt Baer

Merritt Baer
Principal Security Architect
Amazon Web Services

Followed By Keynote Presentation by Chris Cleary

Chris Cleary
Principal Cyber Advisor
Department of the Navy
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Keynote Presentation by Allison Miller

Allison Miller
Chief Information Security Office, Optum Senior Vice President, Global Enterprise Cyber Security Office
Optum and UnitedHealth Group
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Awards & Keynote Presentation by LTG Robert Ashley

Lieutenant General Robert Ashley, (Ret.)
Former Director
Defense Intelligence Agency
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