2020 National Cyber Summit
We continue to monitor the situation with the developing COVID-19 outbreak with a focus on the safety of our clients, partners, and staff. As of now, the National Cyber Summit remains scheduled for June 2-4, 2020, at the Von Braun Center in Huntsville, AL. Any decision to reschedule the Summit will be communicated to our clients and partners immediately by email. Please visit cdc.gov/covid19 for more information on COVID-19.
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2019 Summit Photo

2019 Cyber Cup Challenge

15 student and 10 professional teams came together from across the country to compete in the 2019 Cyber Cup Challenge. Competition was fierce and awards distributed totaled $14,000.

Academic Category Winners

Academic 1st Place
1st Place – Team: Half and Half
Huntsville High School
Joseph Meagher, Tiffany Dinh, Joshua Cantrell, John Dill
Academic 2nd Place
2nd Place – Team: NDSU Cyber Bison-Gold
North Dakota State University
Jack Hance, Ryan Mower, Bryant Lennick, Pranay Marella
Academic 3rd Place
3rd Place – Team: Binary Opposition
University of AL Huntsville
Marcus Jefferson, Malcolm Jefferson, Carter Grimmeisen, Jasmine Le

Professional Category Winners

Professional 1st Place
1st Place – Team: Cyburity
Josh Jones, Fox Wilson
Professional 2nd Place
2nd Place – Team: Crayon Therapy
Paul Eccleston, Josh Dickson
Professional 3rd Place
3rd Place – Team: Millennium Falcons
Michael Portera, Casey Bowman

Academic Category Standings

Place Team Name Team Score
1st Half and Half 700
2nd NDSU Cyber Bison-Gold 650
3rd Binary Opposition 600
The x86ers 600
Absolute Intelligence 500
Binary Beavers 500
UAH Tier 1 Help Desk 400
UAH Cybersec 300
I'm In! 225
NDSU Cyber Bison-Black 200
Buffer Overflow 200
NDSU Cyber Bison-Green 200
NDSU Cyber Bison-Green 100
%%%%%$ 100

Professional Category Standings

Place Team Name Team Score
1st Cyburity 1500
2nd Crayon Therapy 750
3rd Millennium Falcons 700
AllUrBaseRBelong2Us 400
Falken's Maze 400
Heaven_Hellpline 400
AubieCyber 300
Team Sassy Cat 300
Bits Please 300
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