2021 National Cyber Summit

Special Events

Partnership with Destination Huntsville

As the Summit returns with face-to-face interactions, Destination Huntsville, North Alabama's only full-service destination management company, is excited to partner with the 2021 National Cyber Summit to offer unique after-hours activities specially curated for Summit attendees.

Destination Huntsville has created four fun-filled experiences that will offer a break from meeting fatigue and provide ways to explore why Huntsville is not only a smart city but a fun place to live. We'll share the sights, sounds, and flavors that make Huntsville so special.

View & Register After-Hour Excursions

Be sure and register for these after-hour excursions, and visit our Huntsville Street Party in the Exhibit Hall for more about this Rocket City in the South.

To learn more about Destination Huntsville, your boots on the ground local experts providing support services for event production, meeting needs, curated experiences, and transportation coordination, please visit us at DestinationHuntsville.com.

The CyBUr Guy Podcast Joins the Summit!

The CyBUr Guy podcast was started in 2020 and is designed to present cyber issues of the day and discuss cyber investigations featuring retired Special Agent Darren Mott. This podcast discusses current cyber trends and threats with industry and law enforcement leaders and is geared to individuals and businesses alike. Retired FBI Special Agent Darren Mott worked the Cyber Threat and Counterintelligence threats during his 20 years in the FBI and worked in the Charlotte, Cleveland, and Birmingham Field offices as well as spending time at FBIHQ in both the Cyber and Counterintelligence Divisions setting national policy and working with foreign partners from the UK, Russia, Estonia, Germany, The Netherlands, Canada, and Australia to combat cyber threats.

The CyBUr Guy podcast will record interviews with National Cyber Summit participants, vendors, and speakers to discuss cyber issues, cyber solutions, and talk to cyber through leaders live from the Summit floor. You can listen to “The CyBUr Guy Podcast” at https://thecyburguy.com or at any podcast distribution site like Apple, Google Play, Stitcher, Spotify, etc… If you want to participate on the podcast stop by the CyBUr Guy table or email Darren Mott at darren@thecyburguy.com to pre-schedule a time.