Rozman Presentation | 2023 National Cyber Summit
2023 National Cyber Summit

Kell Rozman, Senior Manager, Security Software Engineering, Toyota Motor North America

As the velocity of cyber security attacks increases, the speed to respond becomes critical to successfully limit and mitigate the damage. This presentation will discuss how implementing Advanced Security Analytics and Automation together provides the organization the ability to quickly detect, respond, and remediate against complex security attacks to help keep Advanced Manufacturing centers secure.

Speaker Bio

Kell Rozman

Kell Rozman is the Security Software Engineering Senior Manager responsible for Toyota Motor North America's Cloud Security, Application Security, Red Team, Security Analytics, Security Automation, SAP Security, and anything else thrown his way. His efforts allow Toyota Motor North America to develop, deploy, and maintain secure infrastructure and applications in both on-premise and in the cloud across the enterprise while pioneering the adoption of the latest cyber security technologies in Security Analytics and Automation.

He has a diverse background in Information Security in both commercial and defense applications. His work contributed to protecting the nation’s defense and commercial companies by solving complex cyber security and mission awareness problems for DARPA, DoD, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and a Managed Detection Response Security Operations Center. He’s worked in the domains of threat hunting, security analytics, malware attribution, penetration testing, threat intelligence, and software assurance on state-of-the-art solutions that directly impact the growing threat posed by malicious cyber actors.