Warner Presentation | 2023 National Cyber Summit
2023 National Cyber Summit

Gary Warner, Director, University of Alabama Center for Information Assurance and Joint Forensic Research

Speaker Bio

Gary Warner

Gary Warner serves as the Director of Research in Computer Forensics the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). Since arriving in 2007, Gary has created and taught a variety of Criminal Justice and Computer Science classes. More than 300 students have worked as employees or volunteers in the UAB Computer Forensics Research Lab which was established in 2010, serving the community by assisting in investigations for many companies and law enforcement agencies. In 2012, inventions and patents related to Phishing analysis from the lab were licensed to create Malcovery Security, which was acquired in 2015 by PhishMe. Since 2018, Warner has also served as the Director of Intelligence for DarkTower.

Gary's directs the UAB Computer Forensics Research Lab where a staff of 90 researchers and programmers provide intelligence and analysis regarding malware, financial cyber crimes, online fraud, and social media use of terrorists and criminals to their research partners and intelligence clients. Gary has been recognized for his efforts with many awards, including the MAAWG J.D. Falk Award, the NCFTA Cybercrime Fighter Award, the IC3.gov Partnership Award, and has received the Microsoft MVP in Enterprise Security six times. He conducts law enforcement targeted workshops at the Microsoft Digital Crimes Conferences and the Team Cymru Underground Economy Conferences.