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Proceedings of the 2017 National Cyber Summit Research Track

The 9th annual National Cyber Security Summit, was held June 6-8, 2017, at the Von Braun Center in Huntsville, Alabama. The National Cyber Security Summit is the preeminent event for cyber training, education and workforce development aimed at protecting our nation’s infrastructure from the ever-evolving cyber threat. Held in Huntsville, Alabama, one of the nation’s largest technological hubs, the summit attracts commercial companies; healthcare, automotive and energy industries; academia; Department of Defense organizations; and civilian departments and agencies including DHS, NIST, U.S. Army, NASA, TVA, NSF and DOE.

Thirty-five papers were submitted for review for the National Cyber Summit Research Track. Each paper was peer reviewed by at least two reviewers. Twelve papers were accepted for presentation at the conference and five papers were accepted for a poster session.  The acceptance rate for the conference was 34%.

The twelve accepted papers are listed below.

  1. William G. Hatcher, Jarrett Booz, Josh McGiff, Chao Lu and Wei Yu. Edge Computing Based Machine Learning Mobile Malware Detection
  2. Shane McDermott, Srikanth Vadla, Vidya Bommanapally, Abhishek Parakh, Mahadevan Subramaniam and Elliott Ostler. Teaching Quantum Cryptography Using a Virtual 3D Educator: QuaSim
  3. Guillermo Francia, Tingting Li and Chen Feng. A Stochastic Model of an Industrial Control System Kill Chain
  4. Alan Sherman, Linda Oliva, David Delatte, Enis Golaszewski, Michael Neary, Konstaninos Patsourakos, Dhananjay Phatak, Travis Scheponik, Geoffrey Herman and Julia Thompson. Creating a Cybersecurity Concept Inventory: A Status Report on the CATS Project
  5. Adrian Ordorica and Dale Thompson. Operating System Fingerprinting using IPv6 Packets and Machine Learning Techniques
  6. Sunanda Mani, Srinivas Jantali and Agnes Chan. Data Spillage Remediation Techniques in Hadoop Clusters
  7. Runhua Xu, James B.D. Joshi, Prashant Krishnamurthy and David Tipper. Insider Threat Mitigation in Attribute based Encryption
  8. Chen Li, Benjamin White, Jun Dai and Cui Zhang. Enhancing Secure Coding Assistant With Error Correction and Contract Programming
  9. Nagendra Babu Gunti, Karthikeyan Lingasubramanian, Thiago Alves, Rishabh Das and Thomas Morris. Virtual Simulation Platform for Studying Hardware Trojan Vulnerabilities in SCADA Systems
  10. Supriya Muthal, Sen Li, Yuan Huang, Xiangyang Li, Nathan Bos, Kylie Molinaro and Anton Dahbura. A Phishing Study of User Behavior with Incentive and Informed Intervention
  11. William Redwood, Mike Burmester and Xiuwen Liu. Offensive Computer Security Open Courseware
  12. Cynthia Irvine, Michael F. Thompson and Jean Khosalim. Labtainers: A Framework for Parameterized Cybersecurity Labs Using Containers

The five papers for poster presentation are listed below.

  1. Mike Burmester, Jorge Munilla and Xiuwen Liu. Protecting the Supply Chain with RFID Technologies
  2. Patrick Jungwirth and Abdel-Hameed Badawy. Cybersecurity and OSFA Architecture
  3. Filipo Sharevski, Michael Vieth and James Daniel. Cyber Operations RangE [CORE]: Containerized Gaming Platform for Cyberoperations Competitions
  4. Bryson Payne, Victor Parker and Edward Mienie. Siri Gets a Subpoena: Unintended Social, Ethical and Legal Consequences of the Internet of Things
  5. Myeongsub Lee, Walter Hufstetler, Sanguk Park and Sudip Chakraborty. Panopticon in the 21st Century


Steering Committee:

Tommy Morris, University of Alabama in Huntsville

Eric Imsand, University of Alabama in Huntsville

Agnes Chan, Northeastern University

Yuliang Zheng, University of Alabama in Birmingham


Program Committee:

Josh Pauli, Dakota State University

Matt Bishop, University of California Davis

Ben Denton, DESE Research

Drew Hamilton, Mississippi State University

Roland Varriale, Argonne National Laboratory

Tanya Zlateva, Boston University

Ragib Hasan, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Raymond Choo, University of Texas at San Antonio

Ezhil Kalaimannan, University of West Florida


Peer Reviewers:


David Coe

Jaehong Park

Letha Etzkorn

James Joshi

Wei Yu

Christopher Ivancic

Guillermo Francia

Gilbert Peterson

Andy Perkins

Prashant Krishnamurthy

Rishabh Das

Thiago Alves

Wei Gao

Sueanne Griffith

Vahid Heydari

Bradley Reaves

Shengyi Pan

Yong Wang

Christoph Glock

Frank Thornton

Jason Cuneo

Themis Papageorge

Ken Block

Jun Dai

Brian Hay

Wayne Pauli

Bogdan Copos

Ronald Dodge

Tom Barnett

Suresh Kalathur

Yuting Zhang

Demarcus Thomas

Patrick Pape

Michael Thompson

Michael Jaynes

Jennifer Fowler

Travis Mayberry

Cynthia Irvine

Tyler Flaagan

Michael Ham

Prithviraj Sengupta

Ruchira Naskar

Amirali Sanatinia

Erik-Oliver Blass

Haoxiang Wang

Nurul Hidayah Ab Rahman

Michele Maasberg

Stefani Hobratsch

Nilotpal Chakraborty

Weizhi Meng

Sixiao Wei

Junghee Lee

Tongping Liu

Xiaoyin Wang

David Dampier

Chelsea Hicks

Rohit Valecha

Daniel Davis

Mini Zeng

Stephen Krebsbach

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