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Brandon Rozario

Brandon is the founder and President of Red Strategies.  He started Red Strategies in 2015 after retiring from the Air Force with 24 years of service.  Red Strategies was a natural progression for Brandon having led highly successful physical penetration test teams across the Department of Defense.

After 12 years as an Air Force Security Forces member, primarily working narcotics investigations, Brandon joined the 177th Information Aggressor Squadron based out of McConnell AFB, KS in 2002.  He helped stand up a squadron charged with performing multi-disciplinary vulnerability assessments for Department of Defense facilities across the globe.  Brandon quickly became a go to leader, utilizing creativity, drive and real world adversary tactics to enable cyber operations via physical means.  Recognizing a need to do more than simply assess physical security, he pushed to change the paradigm and provide post assessment counter measure training to targeted customers.  He has assembled a team of former NSA certified Red Team Operators touting a 99.5% objective success rate, accessing critical infrastructure of all classification levels, and training in excess of 100,000 customers to better protect their assets and information.

About Red Strategies:
As an NSA certified Red Team Operator with more than 14 years of experience in adversarial threat replication, Brandon has brought this unique ability to the corporate market.
Contrary to popular belief Red Team cyber operators are not able to access all computer systems from the comfort of their mother’s basement.  Physical access of critical infrastructure inside secured facilities is required from time to time and is the domain of Red Strategies.  We enable cyber operations by getting hands on targeted systems.  If your physical security fails, your cyber security fails.

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