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The CyBUr Guy Podcast

During the 2021 National Cyber Summit, retired FBI Special Agent Darren Mott brought his podcast, The CyBUr Guy to the floor of the NCS and interviewed a variety of cyber professionals on their products, their experiences in the cybersecurity world and what the future might hold for cyber threats, technology, and personnel. Below are links to the podcast episodes from the 2021 NCS.

Episode 50:
Episode 50 of the Podcast goes "on the road" to the 2021 National Cyber Summit and I speak with 3 "generations" of cyber operators from H2L Solutions and discuss a variety of topics with a recurring theme around the talent gap in the cybersecurity world.

Episode 51:
In this episode I interview three brilliant ladies at the 2021 National Cyber Summit and we discus a variety of topics from corporate cybersecurity, educating the next generation of cybersecurity experts, and cyber hactivism.

Episode 52:
In Episode 52 of The CyBUr Guy Podcast I interview Edward Lopez from Bitglass and Darren House from Rockitech to talk about a variety of cyber topics.

Episode 53:
In Episode 53 of the CyBUr Guy Podcast I speak to two very smart guys, Daniel Clemens, Founder of the Dark Web tool ShadowDragon and newly minted cyber-fiction author and host of the Dr.ZeroTrust podcast, Dr. Chase Cunningham about his new book C:\>_gAbrIel.

Episode 54:
In this episode I talk to Rusty Sides and Robert Talley from Checkmarx and Jarrod Hardy from Xyston about how their companies identify and mitigate vulnerabilities in software and hardware to protect companies and individuals. I also discuss the CyBUrSmart program and a new Youtube Channel.

Episode 57:
In this episode I talk to one of the founding apostles of Linux John "Maddog" Hall and ISSA member and Cyber Range creator Jeremy Tourville from the floor of the 2021 National Cyber Summit. I also discuss why it is probably a good thing that the recent Federal Government language regarding cyber incident reporting requirements were struck from the 2022 National Defense Authorization Act.