Workforce Development Track

Connecting k12 to Career

Full-Pipeline Collaboration to Accelerate Workforce Development

The National Cyber Summit is taking a bold step to help fill the pipeline faster…

The National Cyber Summit, the nation’s most innovative cyber security-technology event, will feature an entire track focused on k12 cyber education to raise inter-sector awareness and foster full-pipeline collaboration.

Most students pick a career before entering college making k12 schools critical to the cyber pipeline. But since cyber is such a new subject, misconceptions often hold schools back adding cyber courses. On the other hand, many of the strongest k12 cyber programs started due to industry professionals’ influence.

We believe full-pipeline collaboration could be the catalyst needed to reduce and, eventually, end the cyber workforce professional shortage.

Track Features:

  • Feature invitation-only speakers selected for their proven track-record in cyber education leadership and innovation.
  • Draw from best practices in STEM education and workforce research to focus on ways to catalyze growth.
  • Support k12 educators’ awareness of the profession
  • Showcase high-impact “zero-to-employable” resources, such as CyberStart America

All k12 cyber teachers are encouraged to attend – both new and experienced!


Opportunities for k12 Educators:

During the Workforce Development – k12 to Career Track, you will hear from some of the best cyber teachers nationwide who will share their favorite resources, tips, and practical strategies. New cyber teachers will see demonstrations of free cyber curricula.

Also, the National Cyber Summit is an excellent opportunity for you to interact with visionary leaders in the cyber industry and bring back examples, pictures, and resources to share with students.

Supporting teacher attendance at the Summit:

Educators from other states: Pending sponsorship, travel sponsorship opportunities may be available for out-of-state teachers as well. Please submit for the scholarship here.

Alabama Educators If your school received the State grant, please proceed to registering in the Teacher category via the button below. If you did not receive a grant, please contact to get more information on registration assistance. For those who did not receive a grant, deadline to submit to have registration paid is COB, September 8, 2023.


September 24-26, 2024
Von Braun Convention Center
Huntsville, AL





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