2019 National Cyber Summit
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Lightning Round Opportunity

Pitch your latest tools and techniques in a rapid-fire, 15-min demonstration live on one of the Lighting Round stages. Submission are accepted on a first come, first served basis and must be received through the NCS Call for Presenters. The deadline to submit is May 15. There is a nominal fee of $100 charged for this opportunity.

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Call for Presenters - Now Closed for Breakouts, Keynotes and Training Session

The National Cyber Summit is a multi-track cybersecurity event held annually with an expectation of over 1900 participants and more than 60 exhibitors. The event features 6 tracks dedicated to technical, organizational, and research topics to address the entire cyber threat landscape.

Who Should Submit?

If you are developing a practical solution to problems in cybercrime investigation and analysis; cyber incident response; digital forensics and analysis; legal problems, issues, or innovations; or problems related to infrastructure protection, then we invite you to submit.

Types of Submissions

We are accepting submissions for Track Session breakouts, Keynote Speakers, Training opportunities, Lightning Round sessions and Demonstrations. As well as general speaker suggestions, particularly speakers with expertise in the areas of Advanced Manufacturing and Financial Management.

Track Sessions: Submissions for Track talks should specify an alignment under one of the below themes:
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Forensics & Threat Analysis
  • Governance, Risk & Compliance
  • Innovation
  • *Research
  • Technical

*Note: To submit to present as a part of the Research Track click here.

Keynote Sessions: Speakers selected as a keynote speaker will address the attendees in the general plenary session.

Training Session: The summit opens with 2 days of training. Training submissions can be 1 or 2 days.

Lightning Rounds: Pitch your latest tools and techniques in a rapid-fire, 15-min demonstration live on one of the Lighting Round stages.

Demonstrations: Rent the Lightning Round booth for 30 minutes to demo your technology and cybersecurity solutions. This is a paid event.

Tips for being selected as a speaker this year:

  • We prefer sessions that are technically intermediate and advance. Those looking to provide a sales pitch should submit for a Lightning Round session.
  • Track sessions should be more technical and less of a sales pitch and include live demonstrations.
  • Apply early as speaking spots will be awarded monthly starting in December until all spots are full. (Spots were filled by February for the 2018 program.)

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Dates to Remember

  • Speaker selection and agenda population begin December 1, 2018.
  • Final notice of acceptance will be provided not later than February 15, 2019.